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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below to find the answers to the questions we are most often asked. If your question is not covered here, please contact us for a prompt answer.

We help you to save money and reduce your carbon emissions and ecological footprint. We do this by working under the VEET Scheme to install free energy-efficient and water-saving products in your home or business.

To discuss your needs and make an appointment, just call us on 0410 072 442, email us at enquiry@localhost or complete the contact form on this site. We will then arrange a suitable time for one of our installers or electricians to visit your property, and fit your new products.

After your installation, our friendly staff will give you a quick call to confirm that everything went smoothly and that you are happy with your new products.

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme is a Victorian Government initiative, also known as the Energy Saver Incentive. The VEET Scheme was established under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007, and is administered by the Essential Services Commission (ESC), in accordance with the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations 2008.

The purposes of the VEET Scheme are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to encourage the efficient use of electricity and gas by making energy efficiency improvements more affordable, and to encourage investment, employment and technology development in industries that supply energy efficiency goods and services. The VEET Scheme is not a rebate scheme, but it can save you money, in both your home and business/organisation.

Under the Scheme, certain registered businesses, known as “Accredited Persons”, create electronic certificates when they help you make energy efficiency improvements to your premises. These certificates are called Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs), and each certificate represents one tonne of greenhouse gases abated.

Green On is an Accredited Person (AP), and can therefore create VEECs. Please note that as with all APs, Green On is not paid or employed by the Victorian Government, but must adhere to the Government’s strict VEET guidelines. Revenue is generated purely through the sale of created VEECs to liable third parties. These parties are generally known as “Relevant Entities”, and are often large energy retailers with a liability under the VEET Scheme.

Under the Scheme, the money APs make from selling their created VEECs can go towards a discount for the customer on the energy saving products or appliances installed. As the value of VEECs varies, and the percentage of that value the AP decides to pass on to you or your business/organisation is generally at the AP’s discretion, it pays to shop around.

Further information can be found on the following Victorian Government sites:

There isn’t one. Truly! There are no hidden fees or charges, and no obligations to choose any or more products (just choose the type of products you want installed from our range – whether that’s one type of product or all of them).

We work strictly under the VEET guidelines, to the highest standards. Our team is professional and efficient, and we use only A-Grade electricians.

All our products are high quality, and have been tried and tested. All the light globes and LED downlights we install come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please give us a call on 0410 072 442.

No – with the only exception being some dimmable LED downlights and some commercial lighting, we charge nothing for the products we offer. There is no product cost to you, no callout fee, and no installation charge – even if you decide not to go ahead with an installation on the day.

The only fee we ever charge is a small cost for some dimmable LED downlights and some commercial lighting – this is only applicable if you have dimmer switches in your property and would like dimmer-compatible downlights installed, or if you require certain types of commercial lighting. This minimal cost for some products includes installation by an A-Grade electrician. In the case of dimmable LED downlights, it is still considerably less than the cost of purchasing these lights in a DIY store. In the case of commerical lighting, please note that we offer these products for less than the recommended retail price.

Green On prides itself on maintaining a friendly, polite, efficient and professional team. Our field team comprises a number of experienced installers and electricians.

All of our team members receive comprehensive Green On training and work responsibly, closely following the Victorian Government’s strict VEET Scheme guidelines. Our installers and electricians are all registered under the VEET Scheme, and hold full business insurance. Additionally, all of our electricians are fully qualified, A-Grade electricians, and each member of our team carries their Green On photo ID for your peace of mind.

To be eligible under the VEET Scheme:
– your home or business must be in Victoria,
– the products you wish to have installed must not have been installed under the VEET Scheme at that address before, and
– existing products you wish to have replaced must not already be energy-efficient or water-saving products.
For example, under the VEET Scheme, an existing water-saving showerhead cannot be replaced with a new water-saving showerhead.

Property owners and renters alike are eligible.
It does not matter if you have had products installed under the VEET Scheme before, if this was at a different property.
Similarly, you can have different types of products installed at additional installations at the same address if you wish (for example, you may have already had showerheads installed under the VEET Scheme, but now wish to have door seals installed).

Note that currently, we are able to install energy monitors in some areas only – please contact us for further information.

– Green On provides the maximum discount possible to you – nearly all our products are free, and all include free installation.

– The Green On team is professional, accredited, and experienced.

– Green On offers installation of high-quality water-saving and energy-efficient products for both residential properties (homes) and commercial premises (businesses and organisations).

– Green On services rural as well as metropolitan areas throughout Victoria.

– The Green On office headquarters are located in Airport West, so you can call us if you have any questions or concerns and our friendly team will be happy to help you.

– Green On offers installations Monday to Saturday inclusive, and our office hours are 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday, and 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, so we can work with you to arrange a convenient time.

– Green On is accredited under the VEET Scheme and we have completed over 15,000 successful installations.

– We care, about our customers, and about creating a sustainable future.

Let us help you save money and the environment – contact us today!

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