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Ecogenica Heat Pump


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Australia’s most energy efficient Hot Water Heat Pump – up to 80% energy savings
Powerful Heat Pump – fast hot water production – lots of hot water at a lower price
Direct heat transfer condenser tank – greater reliability & less maintenance
Easy to install
Slim line tank design – fits into narrow areas

Water heating is the largest single source of green house emissions accounting for almost a quarter of house hold energy use.

Your new Ecogenica Quick Series Heat Pump uses a small amount of energy
to move heat from one location to another. Heat is absorbed by ozone-friendly
R290, a natural refrigerant which does not contribute to global warming.

We support the Australian Government in its commitment to transforming
our energy supply system into one that is cheap, clean and reliable.
This lays the foundation for future generations to enjoy more secure,
reliable and affordable energy.
You can choose an Ecogenica product safe in the knowledge that our
innovative technology is focused on energy AND environment savings.
Our hot water pumps are CFC free and utilise renewable energy,
extracted from the air.

ECOGENICA – A smart choice for the environment
+ a smart choice for you


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