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Energy saving upgrades | Save on electricity and gas bills under VEU Scheme

Midea Air Conditioner

This water heater must be installed by a licensed person as required by the Building Act. Only a licensed person will give you a certificate of compliance,

  • All Flare* Connections, The Easiest VRF to Install
  • Less Required Space for Mini VRF Installation
  • Longer Piping Capability
  • Full DC Inverter Technology
  • Wide Operation Range
  • Ceiling Mounting
  • High-lift drain pump
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Experience ultimate comfort and energy efficiency with the Midea Air Conditioner. Designed to provide powerful cooling with minimal energy consumption, this system ensures a refreshing indoor environment while helping you save on your energy bills. Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, the Midea Air Conditioner combines advanced technology with eco-friendly performance.



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